100 years of women’s voting right in Austria オーストリア女性選挙権100周年

On May 5th 2018,  at the “Club of Viennese Women Musicians” ,of which I am a member, there  was a celebration and opening of the exhibition “100 years women’s voting right in Austria”.

I think from the  beginning of human history, generally it was the men who, genetically endowed with bodily strength,  went hunting and brought home food. And generally women, because of physiological circumstances ,took care of the home, etc.

Even after a long time in our modern world today, I think that  it can be felt that there exist specific and strong ideas of gender roles. Unequal pay for equal work because of being a woman or fixed set of ideas of how women should be etc., should be overcome and changed. I think that in a balanced modern world every human being could fully live their character, talent and potential, wishes and therefore they could be respected and blossom as a living being. I wish for every human beings to live in a world where they can feel goodand in order to create that world let us go forward step by step…




I give thanks for my life and I am living… この命に感謝しながら生きたい…

Tonight in Vienna there is a clear sky and many beautiful stars are visible. Therefore I am thinking of Stephen Hawking who recently passed away. I have no knowledge of the universe or physics but I really enjoyed watching his televison appearances and especially was fascinated by the series “Big bang or creation”. Mr. Hawking brought such complex and deep theory closer to people like me and I felt that my world expanded a little bit with dreams and imagination. His outward appearance also brought his complex theories closer to me and gave me confidence. My dream was meeting him once but now that dream sadly can no longer be fulfilled.

Another person who had profound influence on me was also British. He is the famous actor Roger Moore. As a child I received strict upbringing according to my father’s wishes and I was far removed from theatre and televison.  Only after moving to Vienna did I have my own Television set and often I watched, also because of wanting to learn German. Back then there were regular airings of “The Saint” and since I was a student of Opera School his acting quite fascinated me. His acting taught me a lot. He is my favourite actor and I love especially his humourous and freedom-loving yet elegant roles such as Simon Templar or Lord Sinclair. He  sadly passed away recently but I had the chance of meeting him once in my life! About ten years ago, in a small alley in Vienna city centre I saw him by chance. There were no people around except him, his companion, his chauffeur, myself and my boyfriend. We walked up to him, shook his hand and told him that we were really big fans of “The Saint”. This was so extremely unexpected that we almost could not speak and totally forgot to ask him for an autograph. I will never ever forget this moment.

Stephen Hawking says “There is only the present moment”. I want to treasure that and continue living in appreciation of every moment. Thank you, Mr. Hawking. Thank you, Mr. Moore.

今夜、ここ、ウィーンはとても良いお天気で、空は星でいっぱいです。星を見ていると、最近亡くなったスティーヴン ホーキング氏のことを想わずにいられません。私は、宇宙や物理学のことなどはちっとも分からないのですが、氏のテレヴィ番組をとても興味深く観ていました。特に”Big bang or creation?”(ビッグ バンか、天地創造か?)”に強い感銘を受けました。ホーキング氏のおかげで、非常に複雑な理論なども、私のような者にさえ、夢と想像力と共に、少しだけ身近になった気がします。氏の外見も、私たちに、複雑な理論を身近にし、力を与えてくれたように思います。いつか、氏にお目にかかりたいという夢を持っていましたが、叶わないこととなりました。

私に大きな影響を与えてくれたイギリス人は他にもいます。その一人は有名な俳優ロジャー ムーア氏です。私は子供の頃、父の厳しい教育方針により、演劇やテレヴィとあまり縁がありませんでした。ウィーンに留学してから、初めてテレヴィを買い、語学の勉強の為によく観るようになりました。当時、ロジャー ムーア主演の「サイモン テンプラー(The Saint)」が、頻繁に放映されていました。丁度、オペラの勉強を始めた頃だったので、大変感銘を受けて観たものです。氏の演技から沢山学びました。私は氏の大ファンで、特に、サイモン テンプラーや、ブレット シンクラーのような、痛快で、自由気ままで、しかもエレガントな役柄が大好きです。氏も残念ながら、近年亡くなりましたが、なんと私は氏にお目にかかったことがあるのです!10年ほど前、ウィーン市中心街の小さな路地で、偶然に氏を見かけたのです。氏と、同伴の方一人と、運転手さんと、私の友と私以外、辺りに誰もいませんでした。あんまり突然で、嬉しすぎて、握手をして、大ファンで、サイモン テンプラーが好きだ、と言うのが精一杯で、私は気を失ってしまいそうでした。サインをもらうということまで気が回らず、残念に思います。決してあの時のことは忘れないでしょう。

スティーヴン ホーキング氏は「あるのは今だけだ」とおっしゃいました。私はその言葉を胸に、この瞬間瞬間を大切にして生きたいと思います。スティーヴン ホーキングさん、ありがとうございます。ロジャー ムーアさん、ありがとうございます。

Photo by Yuka Simeno