Longing for Summer待ち遠しい夏

Here in Vienna, Spring has not fully started. However it appears that people are already thinking about Summer vacation. On Mariahilferstrasse, a famous shopping street in Vienna, a shopwindow already shows bathing suits. Incidentally next door is the entrance to a fitness studio. I think these two might make an excellent mutual advertising effect.


Hydrangea in front of a bakery. Hydrangea in Japan is a typical rainy season flower.


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, April 26th 2023 in Vienna.

Blossoming at Vienna Burggarten花の咲くウィーン王宮庭園


After some time I visited Burggarten in Vienna. There was a lot of lush green and flowers and finally Spring can be enjoyed. 久しぶりにウィーン王宮庭園を訪ねました。若い緑と花を見ることができ、やっと春らしさを実感できました。

Again, Peonies are in full bloom. また、牡丹の花が咲き誇る季節です。

Lilac blossoming as well. ライラックの花も、もう咲いていました。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the last one), April 23rd 2023 in Vienna.

Vienna City Marathon 2023ウィーン シティ マラソン2023

Today Vienna City Marathon took place. Since the morning at home we constantly heard helicopters flying above the city. This year the event was blessed by the weather and so in the afternoon we went for a walk. It was after 2PM but still people were running and here you can see some pictures.

今日はウィーン シティ マラソンの日。朝からウィーン市の上空を、ヘリコプターが飛んでいるのが絶え間なく聞こえていました。今年はお天気に恵まれ、午後、夫と二人で散歩に出掛けました。午後2時を過ぎていましたが、まだ、走っている人もいました。その写真を幾つか載せます。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno8