Watermelons in Vienna ウィーンのすいか

Fruit department at a supermarket in Vienna.

Here in Vienna it is very hot every day. Daytime maximums are above 30 degrees Celsius. When I think back on the time I started living in Vienna, I remember it not being like this. I have a feeling that it gets hotter every year. It really is true that global warming exists.

Despite that thanks to a rather dry climate usually residences have no airconditioner. Of course it is very hot inside my apartment but it is bearable. However if it stays this hot for an extended period of time, shopping at locations with airconditioning calms me down. Especially as in the picture above, looking at vegetables and fruits at a cool supermarket also cools me down as well. I think watermelons are from Asia. Recently they can be seen much more often at supermarkets here in Vienna as well. In Japan watermelon is one typical example of summer fruits. I remember my childhood when I joyfully ate chilled watermelon with my family. That seems so familiar to me.



Snack corner at a supermarket.
It is so hot!

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except last one). June 30th 2022 in Vienna.

Heatwave in Vienna 猛暑のウィーン

Water mist from those poles is quite popular

Starting a few days ago, it has been quite hot in Vienna. The highest estimated temperature will be over 30 degrees Celsius and very dry. Out on the street it feels like being in an oven. It is said that the middle of the week will see the highest temperatures of this heatwave. Mist in the streets provides coolness. Many people enjoy to cool down passing by under those poles.


Water mist providing pole on Mariahilferstrasse.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno. June 27 2022 in Vienna.

Vienna neighbourhood in early Summer heat 初夏のウィーンの街角

Young grapes hanging in front of a wine shop.

Today is the public holiday “Fronleichnam” (Feast of body of Christ). Almost all the shops are closed and very few people are out on the streets. I went for a short walk but what a heat! Early evening some short showers came down and then it cooled down a little. I feel Summer’s approaching aura already.


Colours of flowers are radiant under strong sunshine.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, June 16 2022 in Vienna.

High School where Dr. Heinz Zemanek graduated from in Vienna ウィーンのハインツ•ツェマネク教授が卒業した高校

During a walk in the sixth district of Vienna, I found this sign by chance. It says that in 1937 Dr. Heinz Zemanek, an Austrian pioneer of computers who built the “Mailüfterl”, graduated from High School here. I have no knowledge about computers but interested people might find this information valuable. Many interesting and important people are from Austria and I am sure that local people are proud of this fact.


Entrance of Marchettigasse High School,
where Dr. Heinz Zemanek graduated from.
Due to “Vienna Pride” which is held from
June 1 until 12, the rainbow flag
symbolizing this is shown outside the building.
「ヴィエンナ プライド」の催しの期間中なので、
Obelisk opposite the entrance of the school.
From this commemorative plaque
one can understand that in this area
the very first drinking fountain
of the vertically releasing type in Vienna was located
in order to avoid infectious diseases.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, June 6 2022 in Vienna.

Oskar Werner’s place of birth in Vienna ウィーンのオスカー・ヴェルナーの生まれた家

Today during a walk in the 6th district of Vienna, by chance I found this sign on the wall of a buildung where Oskar Werner was born. Oskar Werner is a very famous Austrian actor, who made an extensive international career. When he died in 1984 at the age of 61, I had not yet come to Vienna. Unfortunately I do not know film and theatre extensively and so I don’t really know his works. However in one TV episode of “Columbo” he starred as the murderer, I know this episode well and it is quite impressive. Walking around Vienna, there often are such discoveries. In those moments I am overwhelmed by the depth of culture this city possesses.


Oskar Werner’s place of birth in Vienna.
Beautiful flowerbed close by.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, June 6 2022 in Vienna.

Beautiful Sunday at a park in Vienna ウィーンの公園での美しい日曜日

Today is the first Sunday in June. After some time I visited Esterhazypark and I noticed that the flower beds have changed to a summer setting. Colourful varieties of flowers sway in the wind.


Busy bees.
Bus appearing out of the mist at Neubaugasse.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno. June 5th 2022 in Vienna.