Vienna Burggarten after a long time久しぶりのウィーン王宮庭園

Long time no see, Mr. Mozart!
For the first time this year I see Magnolia blossoming
Not really warm yet
but ducks are enjoying swimming in the pond
The Museum of Art history in the background.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, March 20th 2023 in Vienna

March 10th walk in Vienna. ウィーン3月10日の散歩

Already my favourite ice cream shop “Eisfuchs” (polar fox) is open!
This flavour is called “Lila Kefir”.
Fruity and sweet and sour. Delicious!
この味は「リラ ケフィア」。
Already pretty flowers are blossoming!
New dog zone at Heldenplatz.
Dogs are running around cheerfully.
When I watch them, I get a happy feeling as well.
Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History)
viewed from Heldenplatz.
At Heldenplatz.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the one at the bottom), March 10th 2023 in Vienna.

No more compulsory masks in Vienna マスク着用義務が解除されたウィーン

Here in Vienna there is more daylight every day and Spring is knocking on City’s door. Also a sign of freedom has appeared. Since March 1st in Vienna there is no compulsory mask wearing when using public transport. For quite some time people have not been wearing masks on the street and it was quite strenuous to suddenly wear masks when entering public transport vehicles and stations. Yesterday I took subway line 3, there were many people on the train but nobody wore a mask. How long we did not have that situation! But I could not fully enjoy it from my heart because I am still somewhat apprehensive about infection. I think it will be some time before I can freely use public transport without such thoughts.


Yuka Simeno’s handmade Doll of the Month February 2023 示野由佳の今月の手作り人形2023年2月

Here in Vienna it is still quite cold. However she wants to wear beautiful colours and dream about Spring. From the series “Girls with sweaters”.


Picture by Yuka Simeno

“Schlechtes Wetter” by Richard Strauss 、R・シュトラウス作曲「悪いお天気」

I uploaded a new video to YouTube. The title is “Schlechtes Wetter” (Bad weather). Composer: Richard Strauss, Lyrics: Heinrich Heine, Recorded September 2022 in Vienna, Very famous Lied.

The poet Heinrich Heine is looking through the window and sees the shape of a lady walking in bad weather. Through this almost meaningless everyday observation, the poet unfolds his imagination and guides us to a warm room where her daughter awaits her arrival. The mother wants to bake a cake for her and just went shopping for groceries. That may only be his imagination but the listener’s heart is also warmed. His positive warm-hearted imagination envelops our hearts.


 詩人ハイネは、窓から悪いお天気の中、よろめきながら歩く一人の女性の姿を見ています。この、何気ない日常の小さな光景から、彼の想像の翼は大きく広がり、暖かな部屋でこの女性を待っている娘へと導きます。きっとあの女性はこの娘にお菓子を焼くために買い物に出かけたのだ・・・ 詩人の想像にすぎないのですが、私達も微笑ましい気持ちになります。彼の肯定的な想像に、私達の心も温かく包まれるようです。

Picture by Yuka Simeno. Taken through a kaleidoscope handmade by Yuka Simeno.

Donde lieta uscì from La Bohème 「ミミの別れの歌」オペラ「ラ・ボエーム」より

This is my new YouTube video. Aria of Mimì “Donde lieta uscì” from the opera “La Bohème” by Giacomo Puccini.

Mimì, who noticed that her beloved Rodolfo treated her quite harshly, by chance listened to a conversation betweeen him and a friend. He told his friend that Mimì was terminally ill. She needs a doctor but the poor poet Rodolfo cannot afford to pay for one. He says that love by itself cannot cure an illness. He pretends not to love her and hopes she can find a better rich man for her. Mimì was shocked that her illness was indeed so severe that she was overwhelmed by emotions, started crying and a severe cough brought on by tuberculosis emerges. In this moment Rodolfo notices her presence and runs to her. She calms down and starts singing this aria. She will leave him but if he wants, he should only keep the pink cap, which he gave her when they met, as a token of their love. Without any ill will they separate.

Conductor: Anton Guadagno (1925-2002), a great Italian conductor. Radio Symphony Orchestra Krakow. Recorded 1998.



アントン・グアダーニョ(1925-2002) 指揮  イタリアの大指揮者です。  ラディオシィンフォニーオーケストラ クラカウ 、1998年 ポーランド録音