My broken little joy 手折られた私のささやかな喜び

In front of a house there is a small flowerbed which I pass by almost every day. It is the flowerbed in this picture and it was a little joy to look at those plants. Somehow those small fruits got a little bigger each day and I thought they might be Strawberries. Yesterday when I passed by and was looking forward in joy to its growth. When I saw it however I felt some confusion. The flowers and fruits were gone! There may be some reasons but to me it is so sad that I cannot see them anymore. Just like the flowerbed which does not belong to me, such things happen and there is just nothing we can do about them.


Picture by Yuka Simeno, May 2021 in Vienna

Familiar everyday Vienna 懐かしいウイーンの日常

I am so happy, that restaurants and cafés are open again in Vienna. To me it feels as though the city of Vienna has recovered from an injury. After some illness when one finally goes outside, everything looks fresh. And one realizes again that one has recovered with a grateful feeling in the heart. I think everyone has some kind of such an experience. I feel that the city of Vienna had suffered together with its inhabitants. I wish for a continued recovery.


Picture by Yuka Simeno, May 21st 2021 in Vienna

Finally, lockdown is over やっとロックダウンが終わりました

That was a long time. Finally Vienna emerges from lockdown. Cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc. are finally allowed to open their doors to the public. There are still measures taken to allow guests to enter such as Covid test result, proof of vaccination and proof of past infection. There is a limited number of guests per square meter and per table. I feel that everyone is relieved and I yam happy as well. Unfortunately today’s weather was not very good but I felt that rain was refreshing. Finally Austria is categorized as a safe country (Category A).


Because of the rain, flowers received refreshment
and show their gorgeous colours.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, May 19th 2021 in Vienna

Beautiful Spring at Burggarten Vienna美しいウイーン王宮庭園の春

Peonies in full bloom. Mr. Mozart in the background, can you see the blossoms?
Beautiful Peony.美しい花
Lilac swaying in the wind. 風に揺れるライラック
People relaxing.憩う人々

In Vienna nature is in full bloom and a beautiful season has arrived. Recently after a long lockdown period finally shops opened up again. After May 19th other locations such as restaurants will open again. Finally Vienna will come closer to some normailty.


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, May 2021 in Vienna

Lilac starting to blossom ライラックの花が咲き始めました

When Lilac is blossoming, great joy of Spring is felt in Vienna. In a park close to my apartment, I found some Lilac starting to blossom. What joy!


In a flower bed on the street, many strange things are rising up.
Another flower bed, which gets more direct sunlight and so it shows
that those strange things actually become flowers.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, May 2021 in Vienna