I found the first chestnuts this year! 今年初めてのカスタニエの実見つけました!

At Esterhazypark under a chestnut tree.

It has gotten much cooler here in Vienna. Going out, a jacket is necessary now. Already under chestnut trees I can find fallen nuts. Every year it is a great pleasure for me to collect some of those, I like to take them home, use them as table decoration and look at them. They provide pleasure for some days.


Picture September 19 in Vienna

Progress of renovations at Loquaiplatz 進むロクヴァイ広場の工事

Renovations at Loquaiplatz are progressing. Flowerbeds are already covered with white pebblestones. Yesterday those flowers and weeds were not fully planted and like a magic trick today a beautiful flowerbed appeared.


Picture one day earlier.
Plants and weeds are newly planted
but not yet covered with pebblestones.
Flowerbed nearby.
It has gotten much cooler.
Soon we have to say goodbye to these flowers.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno

Yuka Simeno’s handmade Doll of the Month September 2022 示野由佳の今月の手作り人形2022年9月

Her name is Minnesota. She was adopted by another family. I hope she has a good home. All the best, Minnesota! From the series “Klasse kunterbunt” (sold).

この子はミネソタといいます。他の家の養女となりました。きっといい環境だろうと思います。ミネソタ、幸せにね! シリーズ「色とりどり組」より(売)

Picture by Yuka Simeno