Joy of Winter 冬の楽しみ

At the entrance of a supermarket
in Westbahnhof station building in Vienna

Recently the weather here in Vienna is quite miserable. The temperature itself is not very low but it often rains and there is constant strong wind. Going outside, one almost feels like getting swept away by the wind. Also because of caution against the Omicron variant, I mostly stay at home at this time. Right now I enjoy being at home because I have fun with doing crochet.

I am not very adept but have long enjoyed knitting. Since the first lockdown in 2020 my interest in knitting was awakened again. I wanted to try something new and looked for videos about knitting on the internet. Then I found “RIKA Channel” on YouTube. A Japanese lady named Rika demonstrates how to do crochet. I had almost no idea about crochet but she explains it very well for beginners like myself. She is a professional crochet teacher and demonstrates interesting and not too complicated models which can be replicated by beginners as well. Her choices of models and explanations are exceptional and furthermore her tender voice and character are very appealing to me. She calls her site “Crochet Club”, she is the president, her dog is the “manager”, and her torso mannequin also counts as a member. Subscribers automatically become “club members”. I find that funny. Her channel helped me a lot during this difficult time

For me knitting and crochet is mostly a Winter activity. When it is cold and dark outside, I feel like spending time with warm wool and create something at home. In the picture above you see a model that I learned from “RIKA Channel”. Shawl style is called “dragon tail”. Since dragontail is wrapped around my neck, my head therefore is dragon head. In German language, loud obnoxious women are often called “Drache” (dragon)… By the way I gave this shawl the name “Dragon Grey”. Right now I am working on a crochet style “shell stitch”, which I also learned from her channel. Listening to the wind outside the windows, I look forward to the end result of the current shawl model and to do crochet.

 このところ、ここウイーンでは、悪いお天気が続いています。気温はそんなに低くないのですが、雨がよく降り、風が強いです。外を歩くと吹き飛ばされそうになります。オミクロンも怖いですから、私はほとんど家の中で過ごすようにしています。只今、かぎ針編みをして、ステイ ホームを楽しんでいます。

 私はあまり器用ではありませんが、これまでに棒針編みは少ししていました。2020年の1度目のロックダウンの時から、再び編み物をしたい気持ちになったのです。何か、新しいことを試してみたく、インターネットで編み物のヴィデオを探しました。そして、YouTubeで「RIKA Channel 編み物部」を見つけました。リカさんという方が、かぎ針編みを披露してくださっています。私はかぎ針編みはほとんど知らないのですが、リカさんは私のような初心者にも分かりやすい説明をなさいます。彼女は編み物の先生でいらっしゃって、初心者でも編める、面白くて、あまり複雑でないデザインを紹介して下さいます。デザインの選択や説明が素晴らしい上、柔らかな声と雰囲気も、私はとても親しみを覚えます。とても面白いと思うのは、この「編み物部」の部長はリカさん、社長は彼女の愛犬、胴体だけのマネキンまで部員としているところです。そして、チャンネル登録した人みんなが「部員」です。リカさんのチャンネルは、この厳しい時に私をとても支えてくれました。

 私にとって、編み物は冬の活動の感じがあります。寒くて暗い日に、家の中で暖かい毛糸を使って何か作ってみたくなるのです。上の写真の帽子とマフラーは、「RIKA Channel」で学んだものです。このマフラーの編み方は「ドラゴンテイル」というそうです。ドラゴンが首に巻き付いているので、私の頭はドラゴンの頭ということでしょうか。ドイツ語圏では、口喧しい女のことを「Drache(ドラッヒェ=ドラゴン)」と表すことがあります…。因みに、私はこのマフラーを「ドラゴン グレイ」と名付けました。今はリカさんのチャンネルを見ながら、貝殻ステッチのショールを作成中です。窓の外、吹き荒ぶ風を聞きながら、どんなショールになるかを楽しみに編んでいます。

Picture January 29, 2022 in Vienna

Wolf moon in Vienna 2022 2022年ウイーンのウルフムーン

Wolf moon with Museum of Art History

I heard the first full moon in a year is called “Wolf moon”. I don’t know why but I imagine a lonely wolf howling at the moon rising in the icy clear sky.


Wolf moon with Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK).

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, January 18 2022 in Vienna

Children misbehaving? 子供のいたずら?

My niece (5 years old) painted this picture. How cute!

Until about three years old, I used to live in a rented apartment in Kamimachi 2-chome in Kochi. Even though I was so young, I still have many memories of that time. Ever since I became conscious I always liked to draw. That was really a childlike action but I really wanted to draw some shape on paper. Sometimes I woke up and immediately wanted to express something on paper. For that reason my parents gave me a big notepad and a broad marker. I drew on it, discarded the filled paper and started on a new one. That gave me a lot of joy.

One day on TV I saw a quiz show. The showmaster had a flipchart and drew questions on paper and when that was finished he ripped of the paper and started fresh on a new one. That was the same basic system as my notepad with the big difference being size and that it was on a stand. That was really enticing to me because I always drew looking down but he drew standing up. And so I thought “I will do that!”. I really wanted to draw standing up and was looking for a suitable spot. I glued my notepad onto a “Husuma” (Japanese sliding door made of thick paper). For a short time I acted like a showmaster and was really happy until my parents came back into the room. “My god what has she done?!!” my mother cried out as though the world had ended. Of course it was a huge shock to her because it was a rented apartment and they had to replace the paper front of the door. For me it was a shock too because I had thought that my action was really good…

My mother cannot truly criticize me however. Later when I was a little older she told me about her childhood memories. When she was little she wanted to make a dress for her doll and so she cut off the lower part of her mother’s silk Kimono which was hanging there…. She did not elaborate any further but I can vividly imagine how angry my grandmother must have gotten. She was a really nice person but extremely emotional. That my usually easy-going mother still remembers this is a testament to the severity of my grandmother’s anger.

Yes it could be said we were misbehaving. But we had our reasons. Before scolding children, one should ask once “Why did you do this?”…


 ある日、テレヴィでクイズショーを見ました。司会者はフリップチャートを使っていました。問題をその上に書き、解決すると、1枚破って次の紙に新たな問題を書いていました。私のお絵描きノートと同じ形式ですが、この人のはもっと大きくて、しかも立ったまま書けるのです。これは私にとって凄いことのように思われました。なぜなら私が下を向いてすることを、立ったまましていたからです。「これにしよう!」と私は決めました。どうしても立ったまま描きたいと、場所を探しました。そして、襖に糊でノートをくっつけたのです。少しの間、クイズショーの司会者さながら紙に書きなぐって私は大喜びでした…両親が部屋に入ってくるまでは… 「いやいやー(土佐弁。標準語の「あらまあ」のような感じでしょうか)!どうしょうー(どうしましょう)!」母はまるでこの世が終わったかのような叫び声をあげました。借りていた部屋ですから、弁償しないといけない訳です。母にとって大きなショックだったのが分かります。が、私にとっても凄いショックでした。私はとてもいいアイデアだと思っていたのです。



Picture by Yuka Simeno, January 17 2021 in Vienna

Hats in Winter 冬の帽子

Hat and scarf are my newest creations.

For my first Winter in Vienna my voice teacher told me that I had to wear a hat. She taught me that singing is not only specific to the throat and neck area but other body parts as well influence the voice. Therefore in Winter one should take care against the cold and keep the head warm with hats, scarves, etc. Ever since I keep that teaching to heart and in Winter almost always wear a hat.

I heard that long ago in Europe people used to wear hats not only because of heat or cold and neither purely for fashion. Hats were also used as protection against objects falling down from above. It is said that people used to throw out garbage from their windows onto the streets. Allegedly Beethoven used to throw rotten eggs.

In any case, European fashion design was often conceived as a total outfit including hats. Those designs are even nowadays quite fascinating to look at. When I first came to Vienna to live here, there were many hat shops. Influenced by previous customs and habits as well as the overall fashion flow, I suppose many people still wore hats. I often stood in front of those shops fascinated by the variety of design and colour. Sadly nowadays one hat shop after another is disappearing. The biggest shock to me was Oberwalder on Kärntnerstrasse closing. That was really a large store with all sorts and types of hats where well trained shop persons carefully presented and recommended hats to customers. I think that many tourists as well enjoyed buying things there. That shop to me was the symbol of “Elegant fashion city Vienna”. When that shop closed it truly was a huge shock to me. Recently the branch on Mariahilferstrasse closed down as well. Even on the internet the search for Oberwalder could not find any shops. I somehow get a feeling that old charming distinguished fashion of Vienna is being lost.




Picture January 10 2021 in Vienna

The house where Schubert passed away シューベルトが亡くなった家

Today in Vienna there were again many big demonstrations against covid measures. Police helicopters could be heard hovering above which were most likely monitoring the area. For our health we definitely wanted to go for a walk and picked a route where surely there would be no demonstrators. So we somehow walked around the area of Margaretenstrasse which is not close to the centre and when we came to Kettenbrückengasse my husband suddenly noticed a plaque on a house with the writing that this is the house where Franz Schubert passed away. For many years I passed by so many times but never noticed it! Recently by chance we found a church where Schubert’s funeral ceremony was held.

Like today’s story, in Vienna it sometimes happens that looking closely, one discovers so many monuments and houses with a history relating to famous composers. I think it really is true that Vienna is “The city of music”. I grew up in Japan and famous European composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, etc. seemed like a myth to me. Here in Vienna however, one feels the history of European music so close and can realize that is in fact true. I think that I should be gtrateful for living in Vienna and I would like to try to experience this city even more consciously.



Close by U4 station Kettenbrückengasse
Crescent waxing moon accompanying us home.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, January 8 2021 in Vienna

Three Kings from the Orient 三王来朝

Christmas tree in front of Haus des Meeres.
I guess the red crown on top of the tree
refers to the Three Kings.

Today is the day of “Three Kings”. That is an important day for Christians. Children dressed up as the Three Kings go from door to door singing anc collecting donations for the church. My apartments never received those visits but the apartment where my friend lived had those visits every year. I saw on the street however children walking around in costumes several times. Because she is not from a Christian country, this custom was unfamiliar to her and she was even afraid of it. She said that she did not know how to behave towards those children. Therefore if her doorbell rang on January 6th she never opened the door…

Time passes and here in Vienna there seem not to be so many visits by Three Kings anymore. I suppose however that in the countryside that is still quited common. Today Christmas season ends and we have to say goodbye to Christmas trees.



Picture by Yuka Simeno, December 2021 in Vienna

Japanese sweets available at supermarkets in Vienna ウイーンのスーパーマーケットで買える日本のお菓子

I decided to have Japanese sweets for New Year celebrations. That is “Pocky”. Very popular in Japan and has been around a long time. Also ever since I have been living in Vienna this has been available at local supermarkets. Produced by the Japanese company Glico. The name used here however is “Mikado”. This name is derived from the game by the same name. I had not known about this game until I came to Vienna. Many slim sticks of the same length are shaken in a tube and then poured onto the table. Then each player removes one stick at a time without making any others move. If they do move, it is the next player’s turn. The last person to take the final stick, wins. Perhaps the shape of “Pocky” was associated with the shape of “Mikado” sticks.

I personally still have not played “Mikado” but I once saw somthing similar. When I started living here in Vienna, I took German classes at a language school. That school was issuing diplomas of Goethe Institute. Back then base level one or two, I do not remember exactly, showed videos for learning German. Each video contained a short story containing important grammar. What was strange and funny at the same time was that when the actors revealed those important grammar pieces everything in the picture froze. That was not a real frozen picture but rather the actors just remaining still and sometimes in the background cars were moving. The contents were sometimes surreal such as a professor’s son becoming a hippie for example. When had those videos been made, they must have been really old with the first ones even being black and white (but I loved those videos). Back to “Mikado”… In one of those stories there was a toy company which wanted to create a game for children and adults alike. They created giant Mikado, being even taller than adults themselves, with which they played but those oversized sticks looked quite dangerous. Always when I eat “Mikado”, I remember that video back when I started living here and I have to chuckle.

By the way when I am in Japan, I rarely eat “Pocky”. Maybe because it is so well known. Here in Austria recently many commercials have been showing for “Mikado” and often there are special offers in supermarkets like “Buy one get one free”. This time I got many New Year delicacies at a reasonable price. I think that living in Vienna I especially enjoy “Pocky” and I wonder if it really was that good. As far as I know, “Mikado” is perhaps the only sweets product from Japan that is widely available at many different supermarkets in Vienna. There is no other choice of Japanese sweets and so I bought “Mikado”. But I noticed how delicious it is! I get the feeling that it is really Japanese sweets and that familiar feeling fills my heart.


 私は未だに「ミカド」をしたことはないのですが、連想させるものを見たことがあります。ウイーンに住み始めたころ、語学学校にドイツ語を勉強しに行っていました。それは、ドイツの有名な「ゲーテ インスティトュート」の証書を取得することのできる学校でした。初級の1か2か、もうはっきり憶えていないのですが、授業中に毎回、ヴィデオを見せられていました。どの回も、重要な構文を含んだ独立した小さな物語でした。面白くて奇妙でさえあったのは、重要な構文を含んだセリフを言った後、俳優が数秒動かなくなることです。この、止まっている間に、生徒たちが構文を意識して覚えるようにしているのでしょう。ただ、画面を止めているのではなく、俳優が動きを自ら止めていて、背景の車が走っていたりするのが見えるのです。内容も奇抜で、音楽の教授の息子がヒッピーになった、などというのもありました。一体いつ作られたヴィデオなのかと驚くほど古臭かったです。そういえば、第一部は白黒の画像でした。(しかし、私はこのヴィデオが大好きでした!)。「ミカド」に話を戻します‥このヴィデオのお話の中に、ある遊具の会社が、大人も子供も遊べる何かを作ろうとするのがありました。そして巨大な「ミカド」を製作するのですが、大人よりも大きな棒で、振り回して遊んでいるのは、楽しいどころか危険に見えました。いつも「ミカド」を食べると、あのヴィデオを思い出し、クスクス一人で笑ってしまいます。


Picture by Yuka Simeno, January 3rd 2022 in Vienna

Warm beginning of the New Year in Vienna 暖かいウイーンの年明け

Greetings from Vienna river, standing on Pilgram bridge.
On the right side there is the U4 subway line,
on the left side you see the green railing
designed by Otto Wagner.
オットー ヴァーグナーのデザインです。

The start of 2022 in Vienna was really warm. The first day of January had a maximum temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, the New Year’s eve was even the warmest one ever recorded! The weather is somewhat nice too. Even though it was a Sunday and still public holiday, some people were out on the streets and even sitting in cafes and restaurants. Many look happy and I hope very much it stays that way.


Picture by Yuka Simeno, January 2nd 2022 in Vienna