Icing plants アイシング植物

Now finally it has gotten a little warmer. Here in Vienna there was a cold spell. All was literally frozen. It snowed many times and I saw many plants covered with snow and some even covered with ice! I associated it with “icing” on cakes.


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, December 2023 in Vienna.

Snowy surprise in Vienna 予期しなかったウィーンの積雪

Yesterday (December 2nd) there was a snowy surprise in the city of Vienna. It had been announced but still the amount was surprising. In the evening my husband had a performance with a recital and so we went out in the snow. It was evident that the amount of snow was surprising because the roads were not fully cleared. It was quite difficult and time-consuming to walk. During the event I could hear the road being cleared outside and on the way home there were already tiny stones and salt on the sidewalk which made it much easier to walk.


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, December 2nd 2023 in Vienna.