Tragedy of Whisky-coloured eyes cat ウィスキー色の目をした猫の悲劇

Always when my husband and I visit my native country Japan, we often want to stay longer than just a short holiday. Always when we are there, we think about a cat living close to our apartment in Vienna. He has beautiful eyes like the colour of Whisky and we have been friends longer than five years.

Some years ago after a longer stay in Japan, we passed by his place filled with joy. It was early Fall and not very cold yet, so we thought he would be at the window and we could pet him through the bars in front of the window. Unfortunately he was not there and we thought maybe he was not in the mood but surely the next day he would come out. Filled with hope to be able to see him we passed by the window every day but he was never at the window. Always only some of the other cats living there were at the window. A few days later we started to take his absence quite seriously because in reality he really likes to be at the window often. These cats belong to a boy and back then he was about 12 years old. Since we also knew his mother, we sent a message to her asking about that cat. She replied that something bad had happened and that the cat didn’t want to be at the window. We then asked whether we could come in to see him and she voluntarily invited us to do so.

Therefore we then went to visit that family. The boy greeted us and showed us where the cat was. In the corner of the kitchen he was lying in a round shape on a stool and we called his name and said “We are here again”. The cat raised his head and it looked like he recognized us. He jumped off the stool and stretched. Then we saw some red marks on his body and I almost screamed out in shock. The cat slowly, in typical cat manner, came to us and rubbed up against us. I kneeled down and carefully looked at him. Around his neck there were some wound-like marks and on the side of his belly there also were some red dots which supposedly were bloody injuries. The cat was in a good mood however and we saw that he was very happy to see us again. The boy said that surely some children did that and that he had found a sharp pencil at the window. That most likely happened while they were not at home. We felt so sorry because that cat was always so friendly and trusting towards people and always giving friendship to people. Someone abusing that trust and mistreating him for no reason made us very sad and deeply affected as humans and we profoundly apologized to the cat. His affection towards people over boundaries of species was very precious. I feel ashamed to be human for that. Those who can do such things to innocent animals do not possess warm-hearted emotion. I cannot forgive that person.

The boy and his family only want to open the window when they are home. Now this cat is doing fine and he always comes to the window, seemingly having forgotten all of it. But I can not forgive this perpetator and I am still sad.





A friend with Whisky-coloured eyes ウィスキー色の目のお友達

Close to my apartment there is an apartment where many cats live. Previously I mentioned that in the blog post “Animal friends”. My husband and I have especially befriended one of those cats who has beautiful Whisky-coloured eyes. Whenever we call him, quite often he will come to the window.

One fine summer evening we passed by and this cat was sitting by the window. It looked like he was happy to see us. Through the bars we pet him while talking to him. “Good evening!” Suddenly the curtain was opened and a blonde boy showed his face. He is the owner of those cats and back then he was about 12 years old. “I heard your voices”. Because of the cats we got to know each other and have become friends. The cat seemed to have become nervous and quickly went to him and rubbed against him. The very next moment he came back to us and rubbed against the bars in front of the window. When we started to pet him, he again returned to the boy. Several times he went back and forth from us to the boy. We were watching in astonishment and said to the cat “What are you doing?”. Finally he lay down in the middle between us and the boy and seemed to have calmed down. Many people say cats are self-centered but in that instant it seemed like cats also think about the feeling of humans. He did not want to hurt our as well as the boy’s feelings. Or did he want to appeal to everyone for his own benefit?… In any case I think that cats understand a lot and that they are quite intelligent.

This cat and the others have all been saved by this boy. They were all stray cats. The one with the Whisky-coloured eyes was very small when he found him and he thought that when left alone he would not survive on his own. Therefore he begged his mother to take the cat home with him. Had he not saved that cat, our friendship would not have developed. That cat enriches our soul and gives us beautiful moments and we give thanks to that boy.

By the way, that boy wanted to give us this cat. Unfortunately we cannot have pets because we sometimes are not here and also because my husband is allergic. The cat with the Whisky-coloured eyes will always stay our favourite.


ある気持ちの良い夏の夜のこと、私たちがこのアパートの前を通りかかった時、その猫が窓辺に座っていました。私たちは鉄格子の間から手を延ばし、話しかけながら撫で、猫も嬉しそうにしていました。「今晩は!」。突然、部屋のカーテンが開いて、中から金髪の少年が顔を覗かせました。この猫達の飼い主で、当時は12歳ぐらいでした。「あなたたちの声を聞いたと思って…」。猫を通して私たちは知り合い、仲良くなっていたのです。すると突然、猫は興奮したように少年のもとに駆け、擦り寄りました。と、次の瞬間、私たちの方に戻ってきて、鉄格子にすり寄ります。私たちが撫でようとすると、また、少年の方に駆け寄ります。何度も行ったり来たり繰り返すので、私たちは呆気にとられ「何してるの?…」と呟きました。そしてついには私たちの中間あたりに寝そべって、落ち着いたのでした。猫は自己中心的だと言う人はたくさんいますが、この時は、私たち皆んなの気持ちを損なわないようにと気を使ってくれたように思います。いや、それとも、自分の得だけ考えての行動だったのでしょうか?… いずれにせよ、猫は思いの外、多くのことを理解しており、賢いように見受けられます。



Picture by Yuka Simeno