“Schlechtes Wetter” by Richard Strauss 、R・シュトラウス作曲「悪いお天気」

I uploaded a new video to YouTube. The title is “Schlechtes Wetter” (Bad weather). Composer: Richard Strauss, Lyrics: Heinrich Heine, Recorded September 2022 in Vienna, Very famous Lied.

The poet Heinrich Heine is looking through the window and sees the shape of a lady walking in bad weather. Through this almost meaningless everyday observation, the poet unfolds his imagination and guides us to a warm room where her daughter awaits her arrival. The mother wants to bake a cake for her and just went shopping for groceries. That may only be his imagination but the listener’s heart is also warmed. His positive warm-hearted imagination envelops our hearts.


 詩人ハイネは、窓から悪いお天気の中、よろめきながら歩く一人の女性の姿を見ています。この、何気ない日常の小さな光景から、彼の想像の翼は大きく広がり、暖かな部屋でこの女性を待っている娘へと導きます。きっとあの女性はこの娘にお菓子を焼くために買い物に出かけたのだ・・・ 詩人の想像にすぎないのですが、私達も微笑ましい気持ちになります。彼の肯定的な想像に、私達の心も温かく包まれるようです。

Picture by Yuka Simeno. Taken through a kaleidoscope handmade by Yuka Simeno.

Donde lieta uscì from La Bohème 「ミミの別れの歌」オペラ「ラ・ボエーム」より

This is my new YouTube video. Aria of Mimì “Donde lieta uscì” from the opera “La Bohème” by Giacomo Puccini.

Mimì, who noticed that her beloved Rodolfo treated her quite harshly, by chance listened to a conversation betweeen him and a friend. He told his friend that Mimì was terminally ill. She needs a doctor but the poor poet Rodolfo cannot afford to pay for one. He says that love by itself cannot cure an illness. He pretends not to love her and hopes she can find a better rich man for her. Mimì was shocked that her illness was indeed so severe that she was overwhelmed by emotions, started crying and a severe cough brought on by tuberculosis emerges. In this moment Rodolfo notices her presence and runs to her. She calms down and starts singing this aria. She will leave him but if he wants, he should only keep the pink cap, which he gave her when they met, as a token of their love. Without any ill will they separate.

Conductor: Anton Guadagno (1925-2002), a great Italian conductor. Radio Symphony Orchestra Krakow. Recorded 1998.



アントン・グアダーニョ(1925-2002) 指揮  イタリアの大指揮者です。  ラディオシィンフォニーオーケストラ クラカウ 、1998年 ポーランド録音

Sovra il sen la man mi posa 「胸は躍る」

I uploaded new music to YouTube. It is “Sovra il sen la man mi posa” taken from “La Sonnambula” by Vincenzo Bellini. This story takes place at the beginning of the 19th century in a Swiss village. The young woman Amina looks forward to her wedding and she expresses her joy in this song. Yuka Simeno – Soprano, Peter von Kogler – Conductor, Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc, Recorded in 2003 in Olomouc.

YouTubeに新しい曲を載せました。V.ベッリーニ作曲 オペラ「夢遊病の女」より「胸は躍る」です。19世紀はじめのスイスの或る村が舞台です。この村に住む若い女性アミーナは、間近に控えた結婚を喜び、その気持ちをこの曲に歌います。示野由佳(ソプラノ)、ペーター フォン コーグラー(指揮)、モラヴィアン フィルハーモニック オロモウツ(オーケストラ)2003年オロモウツ(チェコ)にて録音

An den Mond by F. Schubert F.シューベルト作曲「月に寄す」

New music upload to youtube. If you choose to listen to it, I will be very grateful.

An den Mond Op.57 No3 by Franz Schubert, Poem by Hölty. Recorded 2019 in Vienna.


フランツ シューベルト作曲「月に寄すOp.57No3」ヒルティ作詞 2019年にウイーンで録音しました

Picture by Yuka Simeno

Summer Concert at Suntory Hall, Tokyo

Casta diva, che inargenti… Ah, bello a me ritorna… – From “Norma” (V. Bellini)

Ah mes amis, quel jour de fête… Pour mon âme… – From “La fille du régiment” (G. Donizetti)

A una fonte afflitto e solo… Nel mirarti un solo istante… Vieni fra questa braccia… -Duet from “I Puritani” (V. Bellini)

Haru no tera – Music by Osamu Shimizu, Lyrics by Saisei Murou

Libiamo ne lieti calici – From “La Traviata” (G. Verdi)

The pieces mentioned above are performed by Yuka Simeno and Dieter Pasching, accompanied by Yuko Kojima

Audience by invitation only

Cavatina of Amina from “La Sonnambula” by V. Bellini アミーナのカヴァティーナ「夢遊病の女」より

I uploaded a new opera aria to Soundcloud. Amina’s cavatina “Come per me… Sovra il sen…” from the opera “La Sonnambula” by V. Bellini. I would be happy if you listened to it. In a Swiss village, the young inhabitant Amina is looking forward to her wedding and sings in joy.

Yuka Simeno Soprano Recorded in the Czech Republic with an Austrian conductor

サウンドクラウドに新しいオペラアリアを載せました。V.ベッリーニ作曲 歌劇「夢遊病の女」より アミーナのカヴァティーナ「今日は私に良い日和… 胸は躍る… 」。スイスの或る村。この村に住んでいる娘アミーナは、結婚を間近にして、その喜びを歌います。

示野由佳 ソプラノ チェコにて録音 指揮者はオーストリア人です


Frühlingsstimmenwalzer ワルツ「春の声」

Today I uploaded “Frühlingsstimmenwalzer” by Johann Strauss to YouTube. When I made this recording I was a student at “Operettenlehrgang” at Vienna City Conservatory. Piano is played by the musical director of that study at the time. Leopold Grossmann is a specialist of Viennese music and one can sense his love for Viennese music. I am very happy that I could study that music with him.

YouTubeにヨハン シュトラウスのワルツ「春の声」を発表しました。これを録音した時、私はまだ、ウイーン市立音楽院のオペレッタ専攻科の学生でした。この学科の当時の先生でいらっしゃったレオポルト グロースマン先生がピアノを弾いてくださいました。ウイーン音楽の専門家でいらっしゃいます。勉強を通して、先生のウイーン音楽への深い愛に触れることができたように思います。先生のもとで勉強できたことを大変感謝致しております。

Ne ornerá la bruna chioma 褐色の髪を飾るでしょう

New music upload to youtube: “Ne ornerá la bruna chioma” by Gaetano Donizetti. This is one of my favourite music pieces.

Excerpt from the lyrics: My darling only with the beauty of my love I will fly to you. If you love me I will win against every beauty…

Yuka Simeno: Soprano, Nanako Tsunoda: Piano

From the CD “Lyric Coloratura” (2011)


示野由佳(ソプラノ)、角田奈名子(ピアノ)、CD「リリック コロラテューラ」2011年発売より

Above the link to youtube, below the link to Soundcloud



Picture: Painting “Poppies” by Toraji Ishikawa finished by Tsuyuko Hada