Glasses for the mind 思考に眼鏡

Finally my new glasses were ready. With those I can see much better now and I am very happy. Looking at the beautiful Vienna city in early summer, I remember the day when recently I went to an eye doctor.

I had noticed my vison getting worse and so I went to see a doctor. I was routinely examined first. Then the doctor gave me eyedrops to receive an examination to that date unknown to me. After about thirty minutes I was examined further and luckily the result was quite good. My vision has in fact gotten worse and so he gave me a prescription for new glasses. Right away my husband and I went to an Optician shop close by. On the way there I noticed that the world around me had changed. I cannot describe it well but my vision was strange. Everything looked strange to me and colours as well were strange. Some things had a yellowish rim around it and partly it looked like a rainbow. Everything was kind of foggy and no matter how often I blinked, there was no change. I was also afraid to walk because I could not realize whether I was actually walking straight. Fortunately my husband was with me and so I could hold on to his arm, which gave me a sense of security. Because I had not counted on that, I understood that ordering new glasses was not a good idea but rather buy some things at the supermarket and return home instead.

Due to my strange vison grocery shopping was not nice either and so I picked only necessary small items. At the register there was a very kind cashier lady which we know and she said that my glasses looked nice. I almost never wore glasses when buying groceries and maybe seeing me wearing glasses was quite new to her. I told her that I went to the doctor and received eyedrops and everything looked strange.

Afterwards on the way home my husband said to me that the cashier lady complimented me on my new haircut. That surprised me because I on the other hand thought that she was talking about my glasses. If she indeed talked about my haircut then I actually gave her a kind of strange response. Maybe since I had strange vision because of the eyedrops, I was only thinking about that and my ears wanted to hear about that topic. I told my husband about it and he said to me that maybe what I heard was correct and he might not be. He admitted to not closely paying attention and that it was possible he might have misunderstood. Actually I owe my haircut to my husband because after watching some YouTube videos he cut my hair. Maybe he was so proud of my new haircut that he subconsciously wanted to hear about this topic. So now we really do not know who heard the correct thing. Or did she even talk about something else? Nobody knows anymore. What she actually said is as blurred as my magic vision from the eyedrops.





Picture by Yuka Simeno, May 2022 in Vienna

Already early Summer weather in Vienna すでにウィーンは初夏です

Pole spraying water mist
is active for the first time this year.

Today the weather in Vienna got truly warm. Nice weather and up to 28 degrees Celsius! The wind breeze is soft and nice and makes for a cosy day. It is supposed to be like this tomorrow as well and I look forward to it.


Arch with plant greens on the street.
How soothing!
Flowers in this flowerbed grow so fast.
Renewal construction of Loquaiplatz is progressing.
Some machines of the same nationality as me
are working here diligently.

Pictures May 11th 2022 in Vienna

Event 120 years National Council of Women Austria 120年 ナショナル カウンシィル オブ ウィメン オーストリアの催し

Dieter Pasching,
May 7th 2022, at event hall of
“Club der Wiener Musikerinnen”.
ディーター パッシング

Yesterday there was a jubilee event of 120 years “National Council of Women Austria” at “Club der Wiener Musikerinnen”. My husband and I are members of “Club der Wiener Musikerinnen”. That is a club for Vienna women musicians originally founded in 1886 by Rosa Lutz. Today this club is a member organisation of the National Council of Women Austria and therefore the jubilee event was held here. When we hear the name of this club, one might think it is for women only but men participating is not a problem at all. Mostly members deepen their knowledge or play music for the existence of women musicians and to intensify their feeling of independence is deemed important. The current president Eleonore Hauer-Rona asked my husband to read some words of greeting as well as some excerpts from historic transcripts of speeches. I think it was an event where the Club’s slogan “Women and men together” was indeed a good fit.

 昨日は、「ウィーン女流音楽家同好会」にて、「ナショナル カウンシィル オブ ウィメン オーストリア」創立120周年記念祝賀会が開かれました。夫と私はこの「ウィーン女流音楽家同好会」の会員です。2019年5月11日に更新した私のブログ内に、この会について書いた新聞記事(私のエッセイ)を載せております。会についての詳しいことは、そちらをご覧くださいませ。1886年に元となる会が、ブラームスの女性のお弟子さんによって創立されました。そして、現在は「ナショナル カウンシィル オブ ウィメン オーストリア」に属しています。そのため、創立120年の祝賀会を「ウィーン女流音楽家同好会」でも行ったというわけです。

 「ウィーン女流音楽家同好会」では、「女性と男性が協力し合う」ことをスローガンとしています。そのことから、現在の会長エレオノーレ ハウワー・ ローナ女史の依頼で、私の夫がこの祝賀会で、挨拶の文章や、過去の歴史的演説内容などを朗読することになりました。「女性と男性が協力し合う」ということが活きた、良い催しだったと思います。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, May 7th 2022 in Vienna

Yuka Simeno’s handmade Doll of the Month May 2022 示野由佳の今月の手作り人形2022年5月

She always dresses chic, mostly in black and goes for walks with her small black dog. She is a mysteriously elegant lady, people often see her but nobody knows who she is. That is why people call them “Donna Nera and Nero”. In the beautiful month of May we will often see Donna Nera and Nero resting on the lawn. (Sold)

 シックな装いの謎めいた貴婦人。黒っぽい服装で、黒い小さな犬と散歩をしているのをよく見かけますが、一体誰なのか知る人はいません。いつしか人は彼らを「ドンナ ネーラとネーロ」と呼ぶようになりました。美しい季節5月。ドンナ ネーラとネーロが芝生の上でくつろいでいるのをよく見かけるようになることでしょう。(売)

Picture by Yuka Simeno