Meet an Eisfuchs in Vienna ウイーンでアイスフックスに会おう

Everybody loves Eisfuchs! 皆大好きアイスフックス

In the 7th district of Vienna on Neubaugasse there is “Eisfuchs”. “Eisfuchs” in German means “Polar Fox”. But no, this is not a story about a zoo. Instead it is about a small ice cream shop. Quite small in fact so if you don’t pay attention, it is easy to just pass it by. From the other side of the street, a big advertisement with “Eisfuchs” is clearly visible. Here in Vienna there are many Italian ice cream shops. Also there are some ice cream shops such as Vegan or other special ice cream varieties, etc. This “Eisfuchs” seems to be Austrian locally produced ice cream. If that might be a mistake please excuse it but I have not seen “Eisfuchs” anywhere else in Vienna. Inside the shop there is a sign “Ice cream from local production”. When I pass by I usually buy a cone or a cup and enjoy it. Yesterday I chose two flavours. One was “Nectarine with green tea “and the other was “Walnut and fig”. “Nectarine with green tea” was very fresh and fruity. “Walnut and fig” was sumptuous and had a distinct fragrance of Walnut and figs added depth to the taste. That was very delicious! When you are in Vienna, I recommend you try “Eisfuchs”.


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, August 2021 in Vienna

In Italy again…at last!やっと再びイタリアに!

Sitting on a bench in front of Gabiano castle.

For the past 6 years my husband and I have been studying classical singing with an Italian Maestra. That is why we go to see her in Northern Italy from Vienna. The last time we went was December 2019 and back then we could never have imagined that we would not be able to see her again for some time. You do know that the situation became quite difficult and we had to wait for a long time until it finally improved. And so finally last week we went to Italy again!

First we were very happy that our teacher and our friends were all in good health and we were so happy about seeing them again. How familiar it all felt! I had a kind of feeling that all of us experienced this same difficult situation and felt so grateful to be healthy. The city also did not look any different and as usual some people sit on benches enjoying human interaction. That made me very happy. Ever since I have been going to Italy regularly, I got the feeling that communication and interaction with other people is very important for them. Approaching and talking to people without hesitation, etc. that is how Italian everyday life goes. This way of life is not really foreign to me because my grandmother who raised me had this similar kind of mentality. That is why I like this aspect of Italy very much. And when I imagine those past dark days my heart really breaks. People had to be at home for days or even months, which brings no joy of living. I hope that this kind of situation never ever comes again.

We used some spare time to go to Castello Gabiano again, where we last went in March of 2019. According to our memory from back then we went for a short walk. Below you will find some pictures.




View from the place we stayed at in Chivasso.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the ones with me in them), August 2021 in Italy

New fountain at Neubaugasse (Richtergasse)ノイバウ通り(リヒター通り)の新しい噴水

I found a new fountain at Neubaugasse in Vienna. It is right in front of a newly constructed bench. Three small fountains come from three outlets at alternating intervals. Since there is no border between the fountain and the street, everyone can come really close to it. Yesterday I sat on the bench in front of the fountain to rest and was enjoying the playful water action. Because it is so close to the bench, one can feel the water hit the feet when there is strong wind. I think that is a nice summer attraction.

Today I sat on a different bench a little farther away from the fountain and was observing the water from a distance. A small girl with her mother was sitting in front of the fountain. The child was interested in the fountain and went right to it with bare feet. She stepped on the water and had a lot of fun playing there. Some time later a child who was a little older came by with her father, took off her shoes and joined the other child right at the fountain. I presume they did not know each other but they played together like good friends which was rather cute to look at.

After they had left, two dogs and their owner came by and showed a lot of interest in the fountain. The interval of water coming out suprised the dogs and they were eagerly awaiting the next salvo of water. During about 30 minutes while I was there, other dogs as well enjoyed the playful water action.

I felt that there was quite a peaceful and enjoyable mood on that Summer day.





Seen from the opposite perspective.
Strong Summer sun makes the plants grow gorgeously.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, August 10th 2021 in Vienna

Sightseeing at “MQLibelle(Dragonfly)” in Vienna ウイーンの「MQリべッ レ(とんぼ)」を見物

Yesterday the weather was very nice. It was quite hot and a blue sky. That’s why my husband and I went for a short walk. When we came to Museumsquartier (MQ, we noticed that in front of the elevator outside Leopold Museum there was sign which said it was free to go up to the rooftop. “MQ Libelle” is a gastronomy location newly built on top of Leopold museum. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 it has not been able to fully open yet. Always when we passed by we always said it was sad. So when we saw this sign, we very happy and immediately got on the elevator. When we got off, a beautiful scenery hit our eyes. All around the rooftop there is a protective glass barrier for safety. There is a space which seems to be a café, some people were sitting there. I made some pictures through that glass boundary and you can see them below.


Tower of “Casa Piccola” with a single cloud hovering next to it. How cute!
「カーザ ピッコラ」の塔の横に浮かんだ雲ひとつ。なんて可愛いの!
Behind my husband you see the entrance to Heldenplatz at Hofburg between the domes of the two museums (Art history and Natural history). You can see some Viennese historic buildings.
There was a street dance event in the courtyard of Museumsquartier.
MQ Libelle viewed from behind can be seen in the upper left area of the picture.
The next day the weather showed a very different side.
Rainy and sometimes thunder could be heard.
Between the rainshowers we went for a walk
and I found those waterdrops on the leaves very beautiful.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, July 31st and August 1st in Vienna