Autumn approaching in Vienna ウィーンに近寄る秋

Here in Vienna it has gotten a little cooler. Nevertheless daytime maximums are mostly above 20 degrees and quite agreeable. Changes in nature show the approaching Autumn season.


Autumn flowers in flowerbeds in the city showing their beauty. 街の花壇の秋らしい草花が美しい。

Yellow leaves lying on the street already. もう道には黄色い葉が散っています。

It is the time to bid farewell to lovely Summer flowers. 可愛い夏の花もお別れの時が迫っています。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, September 2023 in Vienna.

Brewery restaurant in Viennaウィーンのビールレストラン

Some days ago when I went on a late Summer stroll with my husband, by chance we foud an ad for lunch at a brewery. It seemed rather good value for a meal and we decided to eat there. Usually I do not like to drink beer, but I can drink dark beer however and so I ordered that. It is a brewery and naturally all beers are made in-house. My expectation was high and was not disappointed. The taste was not too sweet and rather pleasant to drink as well as not too cold either. That way one can understand the taste and for me as a classical singer too cold drinks are not really recommended for my voice. For the first time in my life I found the taste delicious. My husband ordered a light-coloured beer which I tasted as well. How delicious that one tasted as well! Delicious and mild. We heard the light one is unfiltered and so I think the taste develops well. I feel as though beer tenderly enveloped my throat. It is said that beer is good for the voice and on that day I could really believe it.


Gulasch with Semmelknödel, my husband had grilled chicken with potato salad.


Courtyard floor is tiled with old bricks. 中庭の床は、昔の煉瓦でできています。

Huge beer pot. 巨大なビール樽。

Another huge beer pot. Many bags of malt lying around. ビール樽と、モルツの入った袋。

At the entrance, homemade bottled beers are available. 出入り口にはビールの自動販売機があります。

Next to the vending machine there is a bottle opener. その横には栓抜きも設置されています。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, September 2023 in Vienna.

Late summer stroll in Vienna 晩夏のウィーンの散歩

Flower beds in Neubaugasse. Already plants look like Fall season. ノイバウ通りの花壇。秋らしい草花。

Today the weather in Vienna was very beautiful. Starting in the morning my husband and I went shopping. When we left our arpartment it was very nice and cool outside but later it became quite hot. Nevertheless somehow the air of Fall can be felt. We continued walking around the 7th district, below you can see some pictures.


After some time we visited Museumsquartier. In the main square the well known benches have partly been removed and new plants have arrived. These plants are temporary and have been designed to be transportable.


One part of the square features flowerbeds and seating. MQに置かれた植物の一部分。

Beautiful flowers in their flowerbed. 美しい花壇の花

Trees in front of Leopold Museum have partly turned brown. レオポルト美術館前。木の葉には、すでに少し茶色になった部分が見られます。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the last one), September 11th 2023 in Vienna.