Haru no tera Yuka Simeno 春の寺 示野由佳 Temple in Spring


Yuka Simeno – Soprano 示野由佳 ソプラノ   Hina Oono – Piano 大野日菜 ピアノ     Osamu Shimizu – Composer 清水脩 作曲       Saisei Murou – Lyrics 室生犀星 作詞     Taken from the CD “Japanese Songs” – Journey of the Japanese Heart (2018) CD「日本の心の旅」(2018年発表)より

It is Spring, cherries are blossoming fully. The world is filled with the splendor of life. In the beautiful garden of a Japanese Buddhist temple children are playing quietly. Temple bells are ringing to support and affirm human life.

Friendship concert 150 years Austria-Japan オーストリアー日本友好150年記念コンサート

2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Austria and Japan. There are many and diverse events to commemorate this anniversary. I came to Austria a long time ago in order to study classical singing. In the meantime I have gotten married and my husband is Austrian. My husband and I would like to contribute to this anniversary as well. June 1st (starting from 17:00) we shall perform a concert featuring works by Austrian and Japanese composers at the historic “Club der Wiener Musikerinnen”. That is a historic organisation, founded by Rosa Lutz, one of Brahms’ students, in 1886. This organisation was featured in my essay series, which was published in Kochi newspaper (see article above) in February 18, 2010.