Advent season at Westbahnhof Vienna クリスマス前のウイーン西駅

Big tree with big decorations.

After quite a long time my husband and I visited Vienna’s Westbahnhof. During lockdown many shops are closed but we thought we should do some exercise for our health. It is already quite cold and Westbahnhof has a large indor area for some window shopping. Also my husband likes trains and we wanted to have some hot coffee while looking at trains. There were hardly any people on the platforms. We were not afraid of Covid but the wind was very strong and cold. That’s why, after some time, we went back into the station. Because of lockdown there are fewer people around but nevertheless the station was decorated for Christrmas season. We took some pictures and then returned home. Outside the wind had grown even stronger and felt really cold. Because of the wind strength I was almost blown away. A person on a bicycle at a pedestrian crossing even fell over because of it. Fortunately some people hepled that person get back up. It is said there exists now a new variant called “omicron”, which is quite uncertain and sounds somewhat eerie. Almost as though the weather too wanted to intimidate us…


 外は 風が更に強さを増し、すごく寒く感じました。私は強風に煽られ、吹き飛ばされそうになったほどです。横断歩道を渡っていた自転車が風で転倒し、他の人が助け起こしてあげていました。コロナの新しい変異である「オミクロン」が広がりつつあるとのこと。不安だし、名前も不気味な響きに感じます。お天気までもが私達を脅かしているようです。

Smaller Christmas trees.
Flower shop at Westbahnhof
selling Christmas-like plants too.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the first one), November 30, 2021 in Vienna

It is getting colder in Vienna 寒くなってきたウイーン

Christmas street lights are already illuminated.
Few people out on the street
but food delivery services are a familiar sight.

It can be felt that Winter really has arrived. This past Friday when I woke up it was snowing for the first time this season in Vienna. In the morning it was snowing heavily but in the afternoon it diminished and in the evening there was no snow on the street. But since that day every time I wake up I see something white on the opposite roof. Maybe because of the lockdown it is very quiet now and very few people are out on the street. When I took those pictures my hands got really cold and I felt my fingers freeze. I immediately had to put on gloves, which was the first time this season. I felt that Winter had also somehow crept into my body. It seems that only the christmas street lights provide warmth to me…


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, November 26, 2021 in Vienna

Again lockdown in Austria 再度ロックダウンのオーストリア

Due to rising numbers of Covid-19 infections, Austria has again implemented a full lockdown. The pictures above were taken in Vienna. Today was Tuesday and even though it was about 16:30 PM there were not many people out on the street. Food places radiated light but inside there were no customers. Only take out is allowed at this time.


Pictures by Yuka Simeno, November 23, 2021 in Vienna

An den Mond by F. Schubert F.シューベルト作曲「月に寄す」

New music upload to youtube. If you choose to listen to it, I will be very grateful.

An den Mond Op.57 No3 by Franz Schubert, Poem by Hölty. Recorded 2019 in Vienna.


フランツ シューベルト作曲「月に寄すOp.57No3」ヒルティ作詞 2019年にウイーンで録音しました

Picture by Yuka Simeno

Christmas tree on the street in Vienna ウイーンの街角のクリスマスツリー

Christmas tree on the street in the 7th district of Vienna

Austria is officially a Catholic country and therefore Christmas is very important. The sun sets quite early and the days are quite dark now. Beautiful Christmas illuminations soothe our souls. 


Picture by Yuka Simeno, November 2021 in Vienna

Christmas market in Vienna finally opens again after a missed year 昨年は見送られたウイーンのクリスマス市がやっと開きました

One entrance to the Christmas market
at Spittelberg in Vienna

Last year due to Covid there were no Christmas markets in Vienna and now finally some have opened again! I visited the one at Spittelberg in the 7th district. Many shops were showing their colourful goods sparkling into the darkness. How nice to see that again! It was really busy and it was even difficult to move forward in the crowd. I was quite astonished however that many visitors were not wearing masks. Even this past Spring it was compulsory to wear masks in some empty park areas. Of course by now many people have been vaccinated but nevertheless I hear that people get infected. Even the Netherlands with a high percentage of vaccinations have recently reimposed a lockdown for all. I got a little fearful, could not calmly look at shops and quickly returned home.


Picture by Yuka Simeno, November 14, 2021 in Vienna

Art installation at Stephansdom シュテファン寺院の芸術作品

Stephansdom, the heart of the city of Vienna

In the top tight area of the picture you can see the illuminated art installation at Stephansdom. It is called “Himmelsleiter” (Ladder to Heaven). Since the sun is setting much earlier each day, this installation is now more clearly visible. This installation has been conceived with a religious meaning in mind. Christmas time will begin soon and I find it to be quite suitable.


Picture by Yuka Simeno, October 4th 2021 in Vienna