Happy Birthday to me! お誕生日おめでとう!

Today is my birthday. Many years ago, exactly at noon my voice came out for the first time in Kochi General Hospital. Back then my mother used to work at this hospital. There she did some accounting work. Since it was noon lunch break, many of her colleagues, being nurses, came by to see me and to congratulate her. My mother often told me this story and I find it to be wonderful. Thank you, I am here and have grown so big.


Picture by Yuka Simeno

Yuka Simeno Puppe des Monats August 2019 示野由佳 今月の手作り人形 8月

Water Yo-yo (from the series “Yukata Girls”).

Water Yo-yo is a typical toy for Summer in Japan. That is a small balloon filled with a little bit of water, bound to one finger with a rubber strap, and can be bounced up and down. While playing, the sound of water splashing inside the balloon can be heard which is enrtaining. I prefer watching it over actually playing with it. Colours and patterns of water yo-yos are so many and quite beautiful. Often at summer street festivals there are some yo-yos floating on water in order to be sold. When I was little, in front of a department store in my home town, there was a man selling water yo-yos on the street. It was a great pleasure to see many yo-yos with many different colours floating on the water. When my parents bought one for me, my happiness was limitless. I remember walking between my father and mother and sometime I wanted to hold their hands, lifting my feet up in the air. Yes I was really young and I remember it with a smile on my face.

小さかった頃、故郷高知の或るデパート前の道端で、ヨーヨーが売られていることがありました。銀色の大きくて浅い水槽の中に浮かぶ色とりどりのヨーヨー… ひとつでも買ってもらえた時は、この上なく嬉しかったです。お街に出る日は特別な感じがして、うきうき気分。片手を父、もう片手を母と繋ぎ、3人で歩いている最中に、ぐっと両手に力を入れます。そして両膝を折り曲げ、足を地面から離して、父と母の間にぶらさがるのが面白くてたまりませんでした。本当に私は小さかったんだなあ、と思い出すと笑ってしまいます。とても幸せな思い出です。   シリーズ「浴衣ガールズ」より