Easing 緩和

Finally we can eat ice cream outside! People are waiting while keeping their distance.

Lockdown has had clear effects and now Austria is gradually easing restrictions. Middle of May, restaurants will be allowed to open again. The damage to the economy is quite extensive and some experts believe that about 20 to 30% of restaurants in Vienna will go out of business. How much can the Austrian government help to rise again…? Also there is talk of a second wave of infections… I cannot do anything against it but I want to try to protect myself as best as I can.

良い成果が現れたので、オーストリアは、少しずつロックダウンを緩和しています。5月中旬にはレストランも開けていいそうです。しかし、経済のダメージは非常に大きく、ウィーンの約20から30パーセントのレストランはつぶれるであろう、という見解をしている専門家もいます。どのくらいオーストリア政府は経済を建て直すことができるでしょうか…? 第2波が来る、ということも言われています… しかし、私では、それらに対してなにもできないので、せめてできる限りの予防をこころがけなければ、と思います。

Finally we can relax in the park! Mozart is no longer lonely.
Vienna in full bloom.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno , End of April in Vienna 2020

Finally inside Burggarten !やっと王宮庭園の中に!

Starting this week on Tuesday(April 14th) all parks in Vienna opened their gates. For one month we could not enter Burggarten but today how happy we are to be there! But inside we must also keep distance from one another.


Zoom zoom zoom, busy bee… This year in April there was almost no rain and therefore many blossoms have no power to bloom… Bees however cannot lose any time!
ブンブンブン…熱心な蜂さん… この4月はほとんど雨が降らないので、お花がきれいに開けないみたい… それでも、蜂さんは大忙しです!
Finally the gate was opened and I am inside the park! Last week I took pictures of my standing position from outside stretching my hands through the gate….

Pictures by Yuka Simeno April 2020 at Burggarten, Vienna

Water is flowing!水が流れてます!

Finally some fountains in the city of Vienna have been turned on! Because the “lockdown” has produced a favourabale result, starting Tuesday there will be a slight easing of restrictions. All the parks will be opened. I look forward to it!


My favourite fountain at Hofburg
Fountain at Albertina
Hold on, guys!

Mask and a bank robber マスクと銀行強盗

Tomorrow will be the end of the third week of lockdown in Austria. The Austrian government changed course. Until recently it was forbidden to wear masks in public. Starting next Monday (April 6th) however, it is allowed to wear masks. At the entrance to supermarkets, masks are handed out and I received one. Surely my mother would be content seeing me wearing a mask since she always used to recommend it. Austria will domestically produce masks of high quality for medical staff. Right now the government is looking for experienced seamstresses to help with the production. Also they will produce mask cleaning devices domestically.

Although Austria makes a big effort for masks something unbelievable happened in Vienna. Someone robbed a bank and a customer whol tried to run away was shot and heavily injured. The robber fled the crime scene by bicycle. There were witnesses but because he was wearing a mask, he could not be visually identified. People live with restrictions and frustration because of Coronavirus and such a criminal act is terrible. Today, one day later, I still have not heard whether the perpetrator has been apprehended or not. I hope there will never be a bank robbery again.

国自体がロックダウンになって3週目が終わろうとしています。オーストリアでは、マスクが禁止されていましたが、政府が方針を変え、付けてもいいことになりました!月曜日(4月6日)から、スーパーの中ではマスクを付けて買い物をすることが義務となりました。大きなスーパーでは、早くも今週から入り口でマスクを配っています。私も1枚貰いました!母がこの私の姿を見たら、さぞ喜んだことでしょう。母はマスクを奨励していましたから。 また、医療従事の方々のマスクは、質の良いものの入手が困難だそうで、オーストリアはそれを自国で生産することにしました。今、裁縫に協力する人を募集しています。マスクを洗う機械も自国で生産するそうです。