A door opens in front of me…(4) 私の前に扉が開いた時…(4)


As a child, because of the present I received from my piano teacher, I suddenly became very interested in music. Not only practising, I wanted to hear music. Back then in my hometown Kochi, there was a record store which offered only classical music and as a coincidence the name of the store was “Komatsu records”, which is the same as my birthname. In Kochi however, this name is not rare. The very likeable owner, Mr. Komatsu, had profound knowledge of classical music and I visited his store often and was allowd to listen to his recommendations. I cannot forget the feeling of hearing music which I had not known before and I still remember the sound of the record turntable needle touching down on the record. I wanted to have records myself and therefore collected pocket money and I even used my lunch money to buy records. Until about the age of 15, my father did not want me to become a musician and so I could not really ask him to buy records for me. Although that was a time of growth, I did not feel hunger and I lost weight, but listening to music was much more interesting. Also at my highschool, there were a few teachers who were lovers of classical music and had extensive record collections. From them I could regularly borrow records and I frequently listened to classical radio programmes. I listened to a wide variety of musical styles, also Jazz and Rock n’Roll etc. Especially piano music I listened to because I studied piano at that time and I diliigently listened to great pianists’ interpretations. Later when I switched to Voice as a major, I realized that diligently listening to famous singers really helped me with style, pronounciation, etc. Whenever I perform something, I almost always listen to various recordings and so I can thoroughly study. In my special field, I can honestly say that I am by no means self-taught. I had good teachers, good colleagues, good university, vienna city conservatory and I can proudly say that my musicality is solid, filled with profound knowledge and with a solid foundation. I studied and worked with famous teachers, conductors and specialists and it was always a pleasure to receive compliments of knowing the right style and/or having correct musicality. I recommend that aspiring musicians also listen to various recordings by multiple other performers. Listen diligently but do not be narrow-minded and do not be overly critical. I believe it is important to take the good and the bad and wanting to study. I must also say that older recordings are not like live perfomances because the recording equipment of that period was not as advanced. Therefore one needs to be careful and not exactly imitate everything.

子供の頃、ピアノの先生からレコードをいただいたことがきっかけで、突然、音楽に強い興味を持つようになりました。練習もしましたが、音楽を聴きたくなりました。その頃、私が育った高知市内に、クラシックレコードの専門店がありました。偶然、私の本名と同じで「小松レコード店」といいました。高知県にわりとよくある名前です。とても親切な店長のおじさんは、大変深いクラシック音楽の知識をお持ちでした。私はよくこのお店を訪ね、おじさんのお勧めのレコードを聴かせていただいていました。知らない音楽を初めて聴く時のわくわくした緊張や、トコードに針が降りる時のかすかな音を思い出します。私は自分にもレコードが欲しくなり、お小遣いや、お昼ご飯のためにもらうお金を貯めてレコードを買いました。15歳ぐらいまでは、父が私が音楽家になることに反対していたので、レコードを買って欲しいとは、なかなか言い出せなかったのです。育ち盛りであるはずなのに、私は痩せてゆきましたが、音楽を聴くことに夢中で、お腹がすくことを感じませんでした。また、私が通った学校に、クラシック音楽をお好きで、大量のレコードをお持ちの先生方がいらっしゃいました。私は先生方からほとんど定期的にレコードを貸していただいていました。それから、FM放送もよく聴いたものです。   私は、いろんな分野の音楽、ジャズやロックまでも幅広く聴きました。特に、当時勉強していたピアノの分野は、名の知れた演奏家の演奏解釈を熱心に聴きました。後に専門を声楽に変えてからも、当時、著名な歌手の演奏を熱心に聴いたことが、演奏スタイルや発音等のため、大変役立ったと思います。   私が曲を勉強する時は、ほとんどいつも、いくつかの録音を聴きます。そのため、自分の専門分野では、自己流であったことはないと言えます。良き師、良き音楽家の友、良き大学、ウィーン市立音楽院…  皆様のおかげで、私は基盤のしっかりとした音楽性を培うことができたと思います。  有名な歌手や指揮者や専門家のご指導をいただいたり、共演したりする時、知識や、正しい演奏のスタイルや、音楽性をお褒めくださることがあり、非常に嬉しいです。   私は、音楽家を目指す若い方々に、勉強する曲の録音を幾つか聴かれることを勧めます。熱心に、しかし狭い見解や批判的過ぎず、耳や思考を開くような感じで聴いて欲しいと思います。悪いことからも良いことからも学び取ろうとする姿勢が大切だと思います。   ひとつ気を付けていただきたいのは、昔の歌の録音は、マイク等の録音器具がまだ発達していなかったため、実際の演奏とは違う歌い方をしている場合があるということです。その点ご注意なさって、あまり正確に模倣しない方がいいと思います。

Photo by Yuka Simeno, Southampton 2018


A door opens in front of me…(3) 私の前に扉が開いた時…(3)

All throughout my teenage years I really made an effort to become a musician. Many teachers, many opportunities (such as attending concerts and corresponding with other students, listening to records, etc.) had a big impact on me .

In my hometown, Mrs. Yoko Moriki was one of the best piano teachers and it was an honour and a pleasure that I could study with her. With her I could learn a lot in terms of technique but also in terms of musicality. Furthermore I received tremendous personal support from her. I was very shy and kind of introverted and as a pianist I have small and weak hands. Therefore the music I have within me could not be properly expressed. Mrs. Moriki however understood the music within me and she always encouraged me. Also her warm personality and motherly character was wonderful for me. Not only did she teach piano but she also occupied herself with her students’ future. For example whenever a student graduated from university and returned home, she sent her students to those newly graduates as support for being able to make a living. She thought a lot about my future as an only child and knowing my family circumstances.

Mrs. Mayumi Nishimura (born Tanioka) was my first teacher for voice and also for Solfeggio and she also was the conductor of the school choir which I also participated in. She had just graduated from music university and the age difference between her and myself was not so big. Her cheerful, sweet and dedicated personality as well as her delicate appearance coupled with her fantastic sense of fashion really amazed me. She tremendously supported me as a musician as well as a human being.

Thanks to those teachers, my teenage years were filled with hope and I shall be eternally grateful to them.





Photo by Yuka Simeno, Kairakuen Mito city 2018