Winter wreaths at a flower shop in Vienna ウィーンの花屋さんの冬らしいリース

Many products at flower shops in Vienna already look a lot like Winter. Wreaths displayed in front of the shops remind us that even Advent is coming soon. Christmas styled plants are also here!


Pictures by Yuka Simeno. October 22 in Vienna.

Piemonte at the beginning of October 10月初めのピエモンテ

At the beginning of October after a long time, my husband and I visited Italy again. Our voice teacher of classical music lives in Piemonte province. This time it was again very instructive as well as impactful and we are very grateful. Also the weather was quite beautiful and we could really enjoy our time there. The sun was still very strong and during daytime it was even hot with clean air and beautiful nature. We wanted to stay longer.


View of the Alps in Piemonte province.
House cat living close by our lodging.
We became friends!
Please strike a pose
in front of blossoming roses in the garden!
What is that? I had never before seen it.
Back in Vienna.
Ivy has turned autumn red.

Pictures copyright Yuka Simeno