Summer walk in the first district of Vienna ウィーン1区夏の散歩

Finally it is really hot in Vienna. Since the weather forecast was good for the whole day, I left early to walk a bit through the first district of Vienna. The picture above is the newly renovated Austrian parliament.


Opposite the parliament is “Volksgarten”. Hydrangeas are blossoming.


Chestnut tree at Volksgarten already carries young chestnuts.


Side entrance of National Theatre (Burgtheater) and City Hall on the right side.


Turning away from Burgtheater and City Hall, remains of the old city wall can be seen. Beyond that wall used to be Vienna city.


Remains of City wall on the right side and opposite Vienna University can be seen.


Monument honouring women clearing the rubble of destroyed buildings during and after World War 2.


Baroque building in the first district. ウィーン1区の、或るバロック建築の家。

Building with interesting facade. Those giant faces impress me.


One of those faces. 顔のひとつ。

Inside the shop of the famous Viennese Patisserie “Demel” this statue made of ice cream cones etc. stands.


I am back at Schmalzhoftempelpark. 帰ってきました。ここは シュマルツホーフテンペル公園。

Black Mulberry tree carrying young fruits. 桑の木が若い実を付けています。

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the picture showing me), July 8, 2023 in Vienna.