The last day of October 2021 2021年10月最後の日

Today is the 31st of October. The last day of October and this year it is a Sunday. Last night Summer time ended and like having lost one hour, all the clocks must be set back one hour. Even though it is only one hour difference, every year it feels a bit unusual and like jetlag.

Tomorrow, November 1st, is a public holiday in Austria and that means it is an extended weekend. That is why yesterday before the shops closed at 6 PM I went to buy some groceries. It was already getting dark, how fast the sun sets! This year, also because of Coronavirus, outside seating is permitted even during Winter. Since it has gotten cooler, many places use infrared lamps for the seats outside. Seeing the red light in the dusk and people sitting outside, it somehow reminded me of a city in Italy. Also some ice cream shops change into a clothing shop during the Winter and I have already seen that transformation. Maybe like myself many people wanted to do some shopping and there were many people out and about. It was already somewhat cool but because of lively atmosphere my heart felt like being warmed by those infrared lamps as well.



Vienna’s famous shopping street Mariahilferstrasse
Actually an Italian ice cream shop
but during wintertime clothes are sold here.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, October 30th 2021 in Vienna

Autumn progressing in Vienna 深まるウイーンの秋

Here in Vienna there is continuously stable Autumn weather now. Thick and warm coats are not yet necessary but one should nevertheless dress according to the season. Leaves are falling and ivy becomes ever more red. My favourite pasttime of collecting fallen chestnuts has come to an end. Under chestnut trees I cannot find any more fallen ones. Autumn in Vienna is progressing in a tranquil and tender fashion… ここウイーンでは、安定した秋らしいお天気が続いています。厚いコートはまだ必要ありませんが、充分暖かく着込んで出掛けなければいけません。木々は葉を次々に落とし、蔦は紅く染まっていきます。私の大好きなカスタニエの実を拾うことも、もう終わりです。カスタニエの木の下に一つたりとも実を見つけることができません。ウイーンの秋は静かに、しかし確かに深まりつつあります。

Ivy becoming red.
Instead of chestnuts I can now collect pinecones.
Flower bed in Autumn colours in the city.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno, October 2021 in Vienna.

Hello Mr. Haydn! ハイドンさん、こんにちは!

Clean again.
Picture taken before the cleaning.

“Let’s walk to “Joe sama”. Often when going for a walk in the city of Vienna we say those words. “Joe sama” means the statue of Josef Haydn in front of Mariahilfer church. Since his first name is “Josef” we call him “Joe sama” with sympathy and respect.

Some time ago there was a scaffolding around this statue and it looked like there was a professional cleaning to be done. And finally the scaffolding is gone and we can meet “Joe sama” again! How white and beautiful he has become! His face looks fresh too and we are very happy.

By the way, he used to be very popular with doves. Always one or two used to sit on his hand, shoulder or head. Strangely, we now see no doves sitting on fresh “Joe sama”. Is that doves showing respect for the cleaning job? Is his beauty so radiant that doves dare not approach him? I am sorry but I cannot imagine doves being so intelligent. Maybe some dove repellant was applied?

 「ジョー様の所まで行こう」。夫とウイーンの街を散歩する時、よく、こう提案します。「ジョー様」とは、マリアヒルファー教会の前に建つヨーゼフ ハイドン像のことです。名前の「ヨーゼフ」は、英語読みでは「ジョゼフ」なので、私たちは親しみと敬意を込めてこう呼んでいます。



From this angle the pen in his right hand is clearly visible.
Until now the pen was not as obvious,
maybe because of the dirt.

Pictures by Yuka Simeno (except the first one).

Reflection in a window 窓に映った景色

I actually wanted to take a picture of those beautifdul flowers. While I was doing that, I noticed the reflection of the street behind me in the window. I was happy because I like such coincidences. Here it is! This window has a reflecting surface and one cannot look inside. That is why the reflection is so clear. I stand outside but it looks like I am looking through the window to the outside. I find such optical illusions funny and I love them.


Picture by Yuka Simeno, October 2021 in Vienna