Kokujin, Hakujin, Asiakei 黒人 白人 アジア系

Recently when I read some Japanese news websites, I was really quite shocked. One headline I saw “Kokujin” (black person), “Hakujin” (white person), and another headline on the same page with “Asiakei” (person of Asian descent). Other races are described by colour of skin but for themselves using the expression “Asiakei”. If other races are to be described by colour, then also here the word “yellow person” should be used. Does one only use sensitive terms to describe one’s own race? Another day on the same news site I found a report about an interview on the street in the USA and the person answering was referred to as “Kokujin says…”. Why is it necessary to emphasize skin colour in this case, it would be sufficient to describe this person as an American. If the racial origin of that person were indeed important, there should be a different description used. Japanese media should immediately use different racial descriptors in their reporting. Like the currently used term “Asiakei”, there should also be an acceptable term such as “Africakei” (person of African origin) or “Europakei” (person of European origin). If those words are too long, the media should find an abbreviation for them.