Donde lieta uscì from La Bohème 「ミミの別れの歌」オペラ「ラ・ボエーム」より

This is my new YouTube video. Aria of Mimì “Donde lieta uscì” from the opera “La Bohème” by Giacomo Puccini.

Mimì, who noticed that her beloved Rodolfo treated her quite harshly, by chance listened to a conversation betweeen him and a friend. He told his friend that Mimì was terminally ill. She needs a doctor but the poor poet Rodolfo cannot afford to pay for one. He says that love by itself cannot cure an illness. He pretends not to love her and hopes she can find a better rich man for her. Mimì was shocked that her illness was indeed so severe that she was overwhelmed by emotions, started crying and a severe cough brought on by tuberculosis emerges. In this moment Rodolfo notices her presence and runs to her. She calms down and starts singing this aria. She will leave him but if he wants, he should only keep the pink cap, which he gave her when they met, as a token of their love. Without any ill will they separate.

Conductor: Anton Guadagno (1925-2002), a great Italian conductor. Radio Symphony Orchestra Krakow. Recorded 1998.



アントン・グアダーニョ(1925-2002) 指揮  イタリアの大指揮者です。  ラディオシィンフォニーオーケストラ クラカウ 、1998年 ポーランド録音