Hollow house? 空っぽの家?

The windows do not show reflections.
Rather one can actually look inside
and see the hollow space behind.

When I recently walked along the shopping street Mariahilferstrasse, I noticed something. I thought I saw light shining through the facade of a building. When I moved closer to take a look, it became obvious that behind the facade was a hollow space and brightness from the other side was visible. Looking up one can even see the blue sky through the windows! This building has only the facade and a shop on the ground floor, otherwise it is completely hollow! Will this building be reconstructed without disturbing the shop activity? Or is it because of “Denkmalschutz”? “Denkmalschutz” means that important cultural heritage monuments, buildings, etc. must not be demolished and are protected by law against this. Maybe this facade is protected by “Denkmalschutz” and therefore only the facade and shop are left and the rest of it was demolished to be rebuilt?


Picture by Yuka Simeno, August 20th 2022 in Vienna.