Moon over Mariahilfer church at the end of the year 2020 2020年師走のマリアヒルフ教会とお月さま

Yesterday (December 26th) I finally saw at least a partially blue sky. Since for along time in Vienna there were cloudy and dark skies I was very happy about that. In the evening I went for a walk on Mariahilferstrasse. The air was cold and dry. Suddenly I noticed the moon above the church in the sky. The weather improved and the moon was clearly visible. Normally here is one location of Christmas markets in Vienna with many visitors. This year however, Mr. Haydn in front of the church must have felt somewhat lonely. Right now there should still be a small market in front of the church selling New Year charms to give to other people. This year however everything was cancelled.

One night passed and one day later the weather has improved even more. There is even sunlight and a blue sky. How much I have missed it! But the weather forecast however says this will sadly not last long. That’s why I will go for a walk soon and enjoy this blessing.


 一夜明けて今朝は更にいいお天気。青空が広がり、お日様の光が溢れています。どれほど待ち望んでいたことか! しかし予報では、またお天気は下り坂とのこと。ですからこれから散歩に出かけて、束の間の賜物を楽しみたいと思います。

Picture by Yuka Simeno,. December 26th 2020 on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna