Snow locking down Vienna 雪にロックダウンされたウイーンの街

Yesterday (December 3rd) when I opened the curtains of my window, I was surprised to see that it had snowed. The roof of the neighbouring house was all white! Still it was snowing a little bit more. I love Vienna in the snow but this time I could not be entirely happy about it. Snow in Vienna during the time before Christmas I find special because it creates a unique atmosphere. Especially Christmas markets in snow are so pretty. Getting hot wine or punch and enjoying it in the cold while warming up with it. That is a specialty in Vienna and together with snow it is more enjoyable. This year however all Christmas markets have been cancelled! How sad. The last couple of years it was rare to get snow during that time and then right now it did snow.

I heard that yesterday there was snow not only in Vienna but in fact the entire country, which is quite rare. If there is a lot of snow in the mountains, it is lovely to go skiing. The last couple of years, those regions as well did not have enough snow. And now it is snowing even though tourists cannot come to Austria easily. I find that somewhat ironic.

But starting today in Vienna it will get a little warmer every day and the snow will not stay for a long time. Presumably Monday the snow will be barely visible and the city can defrost a little bit from lockdown! Because the infection numbers came down a bit, the Austrian government decided on lifting some restrictions. With all my heart I hope that this time will end soon.




Picture by Yuka Simeno, December 3rd 2020 in Vienna