Beautiful discovery in the city of Vienna ウィーンの街で発見した素敵なもの

Today the weather turned really nice. After some time I went for a longer walk to Burggarten and a short stroll on Kärntnerstrasse. Due to the coronavirus restaurants are closed except for takeout service. Also because recently there was a very sad incident, not many people were out on the streets. I made some discoveries and my heart could be consoled a little bit.


Found a pinecone between fallen leaves! Pinecone is called “Bockerl” in Austria. In Japanese it is called “Bokkuri”. Sounds somewhat similar, doesn’t it?
Found different types of leaves.
Christmas illumination on Kärntnerstrasse. Even though it is not switched on, glass reflects the sunlight and glitters in different colours. Like magic!

Pictures by Yuka Simeno(except the third from above), Novmber 6th 2020 in Vienna