End of Summer Time サマータイムの終わり

During the night of Saturday and Sunday (this year the 24th/25th of October ) Summer Time ended and Regular Time returned. Surely many people know that it is said that Summer Time will be abolished in the EU within a few years.

I came to Austria a long time ago for the first time in my life in May when there was already Summer Time active. I was astonished that it did not get dark until quite late. Even at 9PM there still was twilight outside. Also in the morning around 4PM there was some light outside. I got a feeling of living almost all the time in daylight. In Winter however it can be felt already around 2 PM that it is getting darker and sunrise is quite late. And so I get the feeling of always living in a dark atmosphere. This difference between Summer and Winter is enormous. In Summer I want to do lots of things because of the brightness and I automatically become active. In Winter because of darkness I easily get somewhat depressed and in order to overcome this, I often eat a little too much. I could say that this is a somewhat dangerous season for me. That is why Christmas market is so alluring and illuminations radiate so beautifully in the dark. At home one likes to light candles and thereby finding joy in Winter.

My hometown Kochi in Japan has no such extreme differences between Summer and Winter. There is a difference but not comparable to Austria. When it starts getting dark, this happens rather quickly. No wonder because Kochi is located on about the same latitude as Casablanca in Morocco.

There is one hour difference between Summer and Standard Time. When Summer Time begings, one hour is lost. When Standard Time returns, that hour will be gained back. For example today Standard Time returned so one could sleep one hour longer. One might think that it is just one hour but it takes some time to adjust. Maybe such a lazy person like myself does indeed have an internal clock.





Picture by Yuka Simeno, October 25th 2020 in Vienna