Injection 注射

Sweet trophy 甘い戦利品

Recently I had an injection against Influenza. I had heard that this year it would be provided free of charge and so I made an appointment and went to get it. The specially designated location was very well organized and my turn came with almost no waiting time at all. There were some small separated rooms and I entered the one designated for me. In this small room I immediately saw a friendly lady and a heap of colourful lollipops on the desk. This lady from the medical personnel prepared the injection and asked me whether I was afraid of needles. When I said yes, she told me to look at the lollipops while receiving the injection. It was very quick and almost painless and as a reward for my courage I was allowed to take a lollipop with me.

It is true, I really am afraid of injections. When I was a child, shortly before starting primary school, I had to stay at a hospital for a few days. That was not due to some serious illness but I suspect rather a case of Influenza and diarrhea. The stay at the childrens’ hospital was not very strenuous for me, I even enjoyed it because my family was quite nice to me and I felt like a princess. I was even allowed to read a manga book that was actually forbidden by my father. There was only one negative component and those were injections. Those were so negative to me, when I saw the long thin needles, I felt cold and my pain was bigger. One day I realized that I could in fact refuse the injection since it was so uncomfortable for me. Maybe others didn’t realize that I disliked injections so much. I thought I should politely decline and so I took action. The nurse on duty just said “No!”. So I politely repeated my wish. But she was also stubborn and so after a couple of times going back and forth, she pushed a button on the wall. Then a flock of nurses rushed in, turned me over on the bed, held me down and administered the injection into my behind. Since my family was very strict, I was not hysterical or rude but rather I politely explained my will… To such a composed child, should people not provide a sensible and logical explanation that the injection was important for my health?

Ever since, I have never again declined an injection. But I still have not overcome my fear of injection.




Picture by Yuka Simeno, October 2020 in Vienna