Kumquat 金柑

Recently at a supermarket in Vienna, I found Kumquats. I remembered that my grandmother always said that Kumquats were good for he voice. When I was about four or five years old, my family lived in a rented house and in the garden there was a Kumquat tree. So I remembered that time back then with a feeling of nostalgia and I absolutely wanted to buy one pack.

In that house, the living room windows had a wide board underneath and one could actually sit on it. As a child I climbed up and often looked outside. In front of that window there was the Kumquat tree. When that tree carried fruits, I was very happy about those yellow small fruits. My grandmother said “That is Kumquat. It is edible.”. I was allowed to reach out of the window and take one of the fruits. They were so cute, so small and beautiful and to a child they looked like a tiny tangerine. Because my grandmother gave me permission to eat it whole with the peel, I took a bite. It was quite a dense strong aroma, tasted bittersweet as though some electrical current ran through my brain. But I nevertheless liked it. My grandmother said that it was good for the voice.

I assume that here in Austria it is not possible to harvest citrus fruits. As far as I know, all the cirus fruits at the supermarket come from southern countries such as Italy, Spain, etc. On this Kumquat package it says that it is from South Africa. That is truly far away. I did some research on the internet about Kumquats and those fruits can mostly be harvested in Autumn. South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere which means that it is now Spring there. Why can Kumquats be harvested there now? Could it be that the place of origin is in the Northern Hemisphere and they have that harvest season in them? I do not really know. In any case, I find those small fruits so cute and I want to welcome them to Vienna.

According to a recipe I found on the internet, I made some Kumquats in honey. That is only removing the seed, cutting it into small slices and leaving it in honey. Eating this a topping on Yoghurt tasted really good. I read that it can also be used to flavour tea, which I would like to try soon.





Picture by Yuka Simeno, October 2020 in Vienna