Playing with cats 猫と遊ぶ

Hiding and surprising the prey is cats’ favourite strategy

In Summer when my husband and I took care of seven cats, we tried to at least once daily play with them. Not all of them participate all of the time and there are also days when they are more and then they are less playful.

But a grey tiger cat, the biggest one there and apparently the boss, always played. His way of playing was quite dramatic, he ran, jumped, climbed and used all sorts of strategies to catch the prey. That was very loud and energetic and he was quite good at it.

Another one, also with a grey tiger pattern, sometimes played. His way of playing was more fragile like his body build. Standing on two legs and turning with ease trying to catch the prey. How elegant!

Yet another one, a slightly bigger black and white cat, also enjoyed playing but his style of playing was not always the same intensity. It took a long time for him to get serious. Maybe he was the type to need some “warm-up time”.

But the second most successful catcher of prey after the grey tiger was the youngest cat of all seven, whom we named “Scar-chan”! Even though he is always clumsy, when playing he was quite good! He could move quickly and he did not miss the target. Other cats however, except the number one tiger, did not enjoy it too much. If others next to Scar-chan were too slow and he caught the prey right before their noses, then they got angry and suddenly attacked his face! How unjust! Scar-chan got punished by others because of his marvelous talent. Every time after such an attack he did not want to play any more. I thought that I had to take some action. I started thinking that maybe I should play with Scar-chan separately…

One day when I was wearing a dress with some rope hanging down, one of the cats played with it. That surprised me because that cat never played with us. Apparently he has a preference for playing with a rope. I got the idea to have a rope in one hand and play with him and in the other hand to have a ribbon and play with Scar-chan at the same time. And my husband used the toy to play with other cats in the meantime. That was so effective, all cats were playing joyfully! But my husband and I were very tired afterwards.







Picture taken September 2020 in Vienna