Sorry, cat! ごめんね、猫ちゃん!


In Summer my husband and I took care of seven cats. The family came back from their vacation and we do not really have to take care of them anymore. One day before yesterday we passed by their window. One cat was there. He is the youngest of the seven cats and is often bullied by older cats. Often he has some scratchmarks on his nose and so we named him “Scar-chan”. He actually has quite a beautiful name given by his owner but the name “Scar” comes to us more naturally. During summer always when we opened the door of their apartment, he came running toward us to greet us. One day before yesterday when he saw us at the window, he surely thought we would come in and so he ran inside towards the door. We called after him “We are not coming inside! Stay here!”. It was too late and he did not come back. Later we therefore felt remorse and had to think of him often. How long did he wait for us at the door? When did he notice we would not come in? We thought from our heart “Sorry, Scar-chan!”.

Since sometimes there is no one at home during the day, the owner gave us permission to visit the cats then on such a day. Therefore we came today to see them! When we opened the door, the cats came to us slowly. Maybe they did not think someone would come at this hour. “Scar-chan” also came to greet us but not running as usual. Obviously he did have some thoughts in his heart, behaved a little in a reserved manner. We apologized to him and pet him a lot. Also we gave some snack treats to all of them. Afterwards we wanted to spend some time with them sitting on the sofa. “Scar-chan” jumped on my lap and eventually started sleeping there. He must have forgiven us…. We will be back soon. We love you all!



Pictures taken September 2020 in Vienna