Surrendering to cats 猫に降参

In this picture, even though it is the festive beginning of the New Year, I am already in a horizontal position. I was so tired from all the petting. My husband and I are again taking care of the 7 cats of our friends. Because of the current lockdown in Austria, the cats’ owners again went away to their vacation home in the countryside. During the Summer holidays we took care of the cats and so they know us already. The difference is that now is the cold season and cats want to get closer to us than in Summer.

The situation in the picture happened because I just wanted to sit on the bed for a while. First Whiskey, he actually has a different name but here we call him that because he has beautiful Whiskey-coloured eyes, came to me and lay down on my lap. We befriended him first because passing by the window outside we saw him first. He always came out when we called him from outside like a dog even though we didn’t feed him anything, which is unusual and the other cats don’t do that. We think that we are very good friends. Also inside the apartment when I sit down to relax, this red white cat very often comes to me to cuddle. But now the other cats also want to come close to humans. I wish that those cats relax around me in peace. Unfortunately the world of those seven cats does not work as perfectly. Only Whiskey is very friendly and able to share a lap with others. All of the others however want the lap to themselves and that day too other cats came to demand my lap. Since Whiskey is a friendly and easy-going one, he left my lap and came to my side. I find him to be a very good cat. Finally three cats stayed around me and I understood that all of them wanted to be petted. I only have two hands and petting three cats equally at once is very difficult. Also, the greystriped cat with white socks (we call him Oscar for a specific reason) is naughty and if I don’t pay attention, he strikes Whiskey with his paw. He seems to be quite jealous of our close relationship with Whiskey. In order to prevent that, I take special care to watch Oscar and prevent him from striking others. Actually I wanted to rest a little but there was so much tension and effort to be fair at petting that I lay down on the bed and gave up.



Picture taken by my husband, January 2020