100 years of women’s voting right in Austria オーストリア女性選挙権100周年

On May 5th 2018,  at the “Club of Viennese Women Musicians” ,of which I am a member, there  was a celebration and opening of the exhibition “100 years women’s voting right in Austria”.

I think from the  beginning of human history, generally it was the men who, genetically endowed with bodily strength,  went hunting and brought home food. And generally women, because of physiological circumstances ,took care of the home, etc.

Even after a long time in our modern world today, I think that  it can be felt that there exist specific and strong ideas of gender roles. Unequal pay for equal work because of being a woman or fixed set of ideas of how women should be etc., should be overcome and changed. I think that in a balanced modern world every human being could fully live their character, talent and potential, wishes and therefore they could be respected and blossom as a living being. I wish for every human beings to live in a world where they can feel goodand in order to create that world let us go forward step by step…